New Year – Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Manzanillo BayIf you are one of my clients, you know I spent the holidays with my family in Mexico, Manzanillo to be specific. It was gorgeous, of course, but since I’m no techie, and because this is my first blog post thing… ever, the only picture I could upload, was obviously not even close to the one I wanted to. But, that’s the purpose of my heading… getting out of my comfort zone, SO WHAT? Who is really going to come along? The Blog police, I think not. I wanted to start the blog, so I did, even if it isn’t perfect, I have to let that go and I think that’s the point isn’t it? I am going to try and have meaningful things to say (or at least post meaningful things other people have said!), and I hope you like it, there you go… getting out of my comfort zone, I sincerely hope you do the same.